All of the flavors of the far east Thai'd up in one restaurant. Mon - Sun 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM
  • Fish of Three Flavors

    Fresh catch of the day, lightly battered, deep fried and topped with special chili sauce.

  • Pad Thai Noodles

    Thin rice noodle, garlic, egg, green onion, and bean sprouts, sautéed in sweet tamarind sauce, served with peanuts on the side.

  • Panang Curry

    Sweet dried chili base, bell pepper, comes with mixed steam vegetables.

How do you define “spicy”? We think you will find as many answers to this questions as there are taste buds on your tongue. In eastern cuisine hot spices are not just used as a traditional preservatives, but have taken their rightful place among the other four major flavors (sweet, sour, savory, and bitter) on the pallet of culinary artists and artisans. If you are not sure about how spicy something is, ask your server. And if you are a seasoned eater with a taste for a bit more flavor ask your server for the house spicy sauce selection, which compliments almost any dish.
spicy level Dishes in red are naturally spicy.